Set Up Trace with MPLAB® X IDE

Last modified by Microchip on 2023/12/20 21:09

Once trace hardware is set up, set up MPLAB® X IDE to use trace by performing the following steps.

Open Project Properties by right-clicking on the project name and select Properties to open the Project Properties window.

Click on Real ICE under Categories.

Enter Clock Data by going to the Option categories drop-down, and selecting Clock. Specify the Target run-time instruction speed and Instruction speed units.

Set Trace Clock

From the Option categories drop-down, select Trace and Profiling. Then under the Data Collection Selection drop-down, choose Instruction Trace/Profiling.

Set Trace Info

 Set up any other trace-related options.

Finish the setup by clicking on OK.

To start using trace, continue to the "Using Trace" page.

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