Connecting Atmel-ICE to an aWire Target

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The aWire interface only requires one data line in addition to VCC and GND. On the target this line is the nRESET line, although the debugger uses the Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) TDO line as the data line. The recommended pinout for the 6-pin aWire connector is shown in Figure: aWire Header Pinout.

Recommended Pinout for the 6-pin aWire Connector

Figure: aWire Header Pinout

Since aWire is a half-duplex interface, a pull-up resistor on the RESET line in the order of 47k is recommended to avoid false start-bit detection when changing direction.

Connection to a 6-pin 100-mil aWire Header

Use the 6-pin 100-mil tap on the flat cable (included in some kits) to connect to a standard 100-mil aWire header.

Connection to a 6-pin 50-mil aWire Header

Use the adapter board (included in some kits) to connect to a standard 50-mil aWire header.

Connection to a Custom 100-mil Header

The 10-pin mini-squid cable should be used to connect between the Atmel-ICE AVR® connector port and the target board. Three connections are required, as described in Table: Atmel-ICE aWire Pin Mapping.

Atmel-ICE aWire Pin Mapping

Table: Atmel-ICE aWire Pin Mapping