Connecting Atmel ICE to a UPDI Target

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The Unified Program and Debug Interface (UPDI) is a proprietary interface for external programming and on-chip debugging of a device. It is a successor to the PDI 2-wire physical interface, which is found on all AVR® XMEGA® devices. UPDI is a single-wire interface providing a bi-directional half-duplex asynchronous communication with the target device for purposes of programming and debugging.

When designing an application PCB, which includes an AVR device with the UPDI interface, use the pinout shown in Figure: UPDI Header Pinout. One of the 6-pin adapters provided with the Atmel ICE kit can then be used to connect the Atmel ICE probe to the application PCB.

UPDI Header Pinout

Figure: UPDI Header Pinout

Connection to a 6-pin 100-mil UPDI Header

Use the 6-pin 100-mil tap on the flat cable (included in some kits) to connect to a standard 100-mil UPDI header.

Connection to a 6-pin 50-mil UPDI Header

Use the adapter board (included in some kits) to connect to a standard 50-mil UPDI header.

Connection to a Custom 100-mil Header

The 10-pin mini-squid cable should be used to connect between the Atmel ICE AVR connector port and the target board. Three connections are required, as described in Table: Atmel ICE UPDI Pin Mapping.

Atmel ICE UPDI Pin Mapping Table

Table: Atmel ICE UPDI Pin Mapping