OptoLyzer® Studio

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The OptoLyzer® Studio provides a comprehensive toolset to cover the complete process of automotive development cycles. With a single tool that supports all widespread automotive buses, OptoLyzer Studio serves the needs of designers, developers, testers and system integrators required to bring sophisticated automotive systems to market in a timely manner.

OptoLyzer Studio graphic showing MOCCA family for automotive networks

Prior Knowledge

In the tutorials and how-to sections presented in the following pages, we will focus on setting up and using the tool OptoLyzer Studio, but will not go into the basics of any networking technology itself.

As a basis for the tutorials and for a more detailed introduction to CAN, LIN, FlexRay™, Ethernet, and MOST® technology, please have a look at the respective documentation and specifications, or look into the corresponding sections of Developer Help (this site).


OptoLyzer Studio Tutorial for MOST Technology