Buck Power Supply Graphical User Interface (GUI) Operation

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To launch the Buck Power Supply Graphical User Interface (GUI) from the drop-down menu, select Tools > Embedded > MCP1911X GUI Plugin.

Launch the Buck Power Supply Graphical User Interface (GUI)

MCP19110/11/18/19 Development Tool pane

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Project Configuration

To display the project properties, right-click on the project name inside the Projects view and select Properties. While the provided project should already be correctly configured to ensure proper hardware and software configuration, please ensure that the correct hardware tool (PICkit™ 3 or ICD3) and C compiler (XC8) are highlighted in the Hardware Tool and Compiler Toolchain windows, respectively. This section describes a list of settings that must be checked before beginning to use the tools.

If multiple projects are opened on MPLAB® X Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the plug-in will work in the project selected as Main Project.

Set a Main Project

Two methods may be used:

Right-click on a project's top node and select Set as Main Project from the popup menu.

Select Set as Main Project

Right-click in a blank area of the project tree and select Set Main Project > Your Project Name.

Select Set Main Project and Your Project Name menu

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If the plugin is not visible in MPLAB X IDE, it can be displayed using the MPLAB X IDE menu.

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